The club has been running in various locations across Edinburgh South since 2000, It is affiliated to Shukokai International.

Shukokai means "way for all" and we believe that we have something to offer to all people, regardless of age, build and fitness levels and we welcome all to our sessions.

Students have the opportunity to train several times a year with leading instructors both local and Japanese.

Students also have the option to compete should they wish and the chance to participate in squad training for Kata and kumite. The competition side is optional and nobody will be pressured to compete. Competition is not for everybody.

Our principle aim as practitioners of Karate is the improvement of the self within all aspects of life and to assist others in their journey. We also aim to enjoy the sessions and the social side to Karate.

We believe that our training will improve fitness, stamina, confidence, self defence along with good citizenship.

Shukokai International Five Principles

1. The way of respect for oneself and others through the practice of moderation.

2. The way of genuine effort towards conquering oneself.

3. The way of harmony with oneself and others.

4, The way of mutual support.

5. The way of cultivation of excellent character.