Tony Rogers 3rd Dan


Tony was introduced to Karate by his father when he was 12 years old at an Edinburgh dojo. He attended a couple of classes.

About a year later he was introduced to Karate again by his good friend Stevie Greenan at a club in West Lothian ran by Sensei Tam Hall. Tony stuck at it and earned his junior Shodan in Shukokai Karate in 1978 at the age of 15.

Sensei Hall’s club folded and Tony decided to demote himself back to white belt and continued to train at various other clubs which included Judo, boxing, Wado Ryu and Sensei Nanbu’s Sankukai.

In 1981 he gave up Martial arts to explore a military career.

When his military career ended in 2008 due to ill health he encouraged his son Paul to give Karate a go with the Kobe Osaka training under Sensei Paul Lapsley.

At this time Tony was in excruciating pain due to Arthritis and had agreed to go on an experimental medication. Within 3 months Tony was pain free,however,the arthritis had taken its toll on his joints. Not shy of a challenge Tony decided to get back into training,his son left and Tony continued. After 8 years with Kobe Osaka and having been graded to Nidan by Tommy Morris, Tony decided to move to a club closer to home, he visited a few clubs and decided to train with The Edinburgh Karate Academy with Sensei Angus Rutherford.

Tony graded with Sensei Kunio Miyake and was awarded the grade of Sandan in 2018. Tony enjoys instructing the students and is pleased with their continued progress.

Karate Qualifications

Sandan (3rd Dan) - Shukokai International - examiner Shihan Kunio Miyake (Worldwide Chief Instructor), Sandan ratified SKGB

Instructor Coaching License A (Shukokai International)

Sports Coaching/Other Qualifications

First Aid Qualified

Sports Coach UK - (Safeguarding & Protecting Children)