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Angus Rutherford 4th Dan, Shidhoin



Angus' chief aim is to practice for life and to pass on the benefits and traditions of the art to all his students. His maxim is "Karate is for all of life” and believes that the principle aim of Karate is for the improvement of the self, whilst assisting others to realise their goals. He is a traditional stylist and promotes both sport and self defence aspects whilst maintaining the development of individual and health aspects to be most important. He strives for continuous improvement for both Karate and coaching and attends several Karate/martial arts courses as well as Sport Scotland coaching courses every year. Shukokai Karate is his solid base with elements of cross training periodically to enhance his training and understanding.


Angus Rutherford started martial arts training in 1984 and has been running the Edinburgh Karate Academy since 2000.  His principal teachers have been Colin Farmer, Ken Campbell & currently Graham McCann is his chief instructor and mentor. In addition to Shukokai Angus has also trained for many years in Sankukai and a few years in Kyokoshinkai. Angus was very proud to receive Shidhoin title from Shihan Miyake, along with 4th Dan grading. However, his greatest achievement is the development and personal growth of all of the students of Edinburgh Karate Academy. Angus believes and participates in cross training but only once you have a firm base in your "root" style so as to complement not clash with your development. 

Karate Qualifications

Yondan (4th Dan) - Shukokai International - examiner Shihan Kunio Miyake (Worldwide Chief Instructor), ratified SKGB 

Shidoin Title - Shukokai International, October 2016
Instructor Coaching License A (Shukokai International)
Scottish Karate Governing Body - Coach Level 2; accredited Tatami Coach (Scottish Karate Governing Body)

Sports Coaching/Other Qualifications

Enhanced Disclosure Scotland (120100097349643); CRB Checked and disclosed
Instructors Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance (£10m) 
First Aid Qualified
Sports Coach UK - Gold Member (M305264) - (Safeguarding & Protecting Children (1 & 2); Coaching Children & young People; Coaching Developing Performers, Disability Inclusion, Analysing Your Coaching)    
Hatton Academy Certified Elite Instructor - (Boxing Fitness, accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals, ActiveIQ, CIMSPA and the British Boxing Board of Control) - 2018/9

Ongoing Instructor Development
Shukokai International Course/License with Chief Instructor Kunio Miyake - 2020, 2019, 2018, 2016, 2011
Traditional Karate Courses/instruction with Senior Instructors - Kunio Miyake, Graham McCann, Keiji Tomiyama, Yoshinao Nanbu, Hirokazu Kanazawa, Manabu Murakami, Ken Campbell, Kevin Barlow, Donald Fulerton, Colin Farmer (1986-2021)
Sports Karate Courses - Junior Levefre, Jonathan Mottram (2012-2015, 2020)
Sports Karate/Kickboxing Courses - Bill "Superfoot" Wallace (2012,2013)

Hatton Boxing Training and Accreditation - Hatton Academy - Kevin Wright, master trainer (2018/19/20)
Keysi Urban Method Workshop (Maestro Justo Dieguez) - 2018; Keysi Courses - Bogdan Sicu, Alina Petrina (2018/19)
Cognitive Kali Workshop (Paul McCarthy, Inosanto Academy) - 2019, 2020, 2021 Kali Courses - Allan Miller, Connor McDermott (2013/14/15/18)
Ryuku Kobujutsu - Amor Kaicho (2012/13/14)
4D Combat Courses - Jeff Bleathman (2018/2019)