Events 2019


26 February                      Keysi Course (Alina Petrina)                                                                                        Buckstone, Edinburgh
11 April                              Punch Out Diabetes (charity boxing for fitness session)                                       Buckstone, Edinburgh
18 April                              Punch Out Diabetes (Good Thursday)                                                                      Buckstone, Edinburgh
14 June 2019                    Instructor License (Kunio Miyake)                                                                             Maryhill, Glasgow
15, 16 June 2019             Course with Chief Instructor Kunio Miyake & Selene Miyake                              Maryhill, Glasgow
18 June 2019                   Course with Chief Instructor Kunio Miyake & Selene Miyake                              Buckstone, Edinburgh
tba                                     Course with Graham McCann                                                                                    Buckstone. Edinburgh

October 2019                                             Kyu Grading                                                                               Buckstone School, Edinburgh

tba December                                            Brown/Black Belt Grading                                                      Maryhill, Glasgow

TBA                                       KKD Championship Series                                              Maryhill, Glasgow

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